Classic tours

These are individual rates for visits "classic", contact me for group rates (more than 10 people) or school.

Entries in museums or monuments are your responsibility in addition.

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Les arènes


Arles's private tour with Alice 

Its history, its architecture and its different cultures...

Duration : one hour and half.

  • Adults : 25 €uros
  • - 18 years : 10 €uros
  • - 12 years accompanied by one adult at least : Free


 Arles's deep private tour with Alice 

- Duration : 3 hours

- Total price 130€

Le clocher St Trophime


Arles's Monuments : you can choose one or two of them and i guide you in...

Roman arena : from the gladiators to the bullfights.

Roman baths : hygiene, health and place of sociability.

Roman theatre : acting, singing, dancing and music, as our musicals.


The Alyscamps : Roman and Christian cemetery painted by Van Gogh and Gauguin.

The Cryptoportiques : underground galleries under the Roman forum.

Saint Trophime's cloister : masterpiece of provencal Romanesque architecture


Duration of each monument : 45 mn


          Adults : 15 € each

  • - 18 years : 10 €uros
  • - 12 years accompanied by one adult at least : Free










Musée de l'Arles Antique, le musée bleu

Arlesians Museums

Arles is a city rich in museums, from the blue Museum of Ancient Arles to Réattu Museum of Contemporary Art through the traditions of Provence Museum Arlaten and others you will have something for everyone

Les arènes de nuit


Arles by night

Not even mentionning the many events that animate the hot summer nights Arles, discover the city and its monuments under artificial lighting, you'll be surprised